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Reverse Harem Garden actually turned ten last September. Sorry, for the late post. But be warned, to compensate for the late post this Monday, March 5, Manga Review: But then she got herself into pretending to be a boy with the Host Club to pay off an eight million yen debt. This is the only reverse harem anime that I have watched twice. It has been etched in my brain that they will forever stay like this.


But there is more to the nightlife than is seen on the surface. Things creeping around in the dark under a moon and starlit sky. Something kept hidden to make everyone believe that they are only myths. As legend and myth seem to come to life in the dead of night. Ready to corner the unsuspecting.

Ouran High School Host Club Quizzes Tags mystery date, ouran high school host club Favorited members Feedback 7 comments. The big question. O.o Which do you prefer to date Boys Girls Either one is fine. *shrugs* Describe your perfect love. (choose at least 2 and at most 4 answers).

It has been licensed Stateside by Viz Media, and the releases are up to the 10th volume Stateside as of February 5th, , while it currently stands at 12 collected volumes in Japan. It ran on Japanese television from April 4th to September 26th, It has been licensed Stateside by Funimation, though it has yet to actually give a release date. Haruhi Fujioka is a scholarship student attending the ultra-wealthy Ouran Academy, so poor that she can’t even afford the uniform.

One day, as she’s trying to find a quiet place to study, she comes across the Third Music Room and the Ouran High School Host Club if you don’t know what a host club is, it’s basically a bunch of guys flirting with women for profit. Unfortunately, her short hair cut, outfit, and large glasses make her look like a guy, and they soon promote her to host after they figure out she has a lot of potential.

She’s a big hit, and even after they finally figure out that she’s a girl, they have her stay on and conceal her gender, as she’s such a hit, and she can repay her debt faster that way. Most of the series focuses on the customers and the members of the Host Club. However, it’s because the series does not hesitate to turn its fairly sarcastic sense of humor back on itself that it succeeds so well. Ouran openly makes fun of several genre tropes of shoujo, and by openly having characters point them out, and breaking the fourth wall while they’re at it, manages to create amazing moments of meta self-referential moments, for those of you not famliar with fandom terms.

It also has several good running gags that manage not to get old. Add to this the fact that every character in the Club gets some kind of development and background though I do have issue with where this falls, but see Length for more about that , as do minor recurring characters, and you’ve got a fairly solid show.

Which Ouran High School Host Club boy are you most compatible with quiz?

A blood red that feels really soft Eye color: Chocolate brown that honey-sempai sasy reminds him of cake! A very happy girl that is outgoing and in her eyes is not pefect but in everyone elses even haruhi’s eyes is perfect. She is go lucky and humourous. She is also a prodigy in many different topics.

Ouran High School Host Club is a manga series by Bisco Hatori, published in LaLa magazine from September and November This romantic comedy series focuses on a group of students at Ouran High School and their relationships with each other.

With good-looking popular boys with different quirks catering to everyone at school, the club is known as—the Ouran High School Host Club! On its own, Ouran High School is a very elite institution. Even the new girl student—Haruhi Fujioka—is surprised that she ended up there! She feels like a sore thumb sticking out due to her not being famous and wealthy like everyone else. She gets herself into trouble by breaking a super expensive vase belonging to the Ouran High School Host Club!

With her boyish and simple looks, Haruhi is the new host of the club. And so, new experiences await for her and the other hosts! This anime is popular around the world. As a matter of fact, it stands out in the shoujo and reverse harem genres. It features a fair amount of romance and comedy as well!

Ouran High School Host Club

So I’m not just basing it on Vic Mignogna, though I’ll admit that he said he found himself having a lot in common with the character. I don’t know as much about cognitive functions other than my own as I would like, but I’m not seeing any J in him. And other people have said on here that he breathes ENFP. He’ll get up and leave at a moment if his feelings push him to do so.

Test your knowledge on Bisco Hatori’s break-out comedy manga, Ouran High School Host Club, with this trivia test.

Your dad’s back with the truck! The thumping of steps was heard as two people sped down the steps. One was a small boy with black hair that stood up everywhere and dark green eyes filled with happiness. He jumped off the last step and ran to the door in the fairly empty house. The silver haired man placed his arm around the short teen as they walked outside. I still have a difficult time reading and writing the Japanese kanji.

But I’ve gotten better. Where does this go? Elena was up in her room, taking everything she owned out from the boxes, and giggling at her dads’ conversations.

Ouran High School Host Club Series

That was never fun to explain. It was all about presentation. It would take far more than a good presentation to bag her on my couch.

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Ouran High School Host Club – Open Translation Project

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Reverse Harem Garden actually turned ten last September. Sorry, for the late post. But be warned, to compensate for the late post this I had apprehension when they first released teasers with Neko chan on the cover. I was expecting a totally different Ouran. Episode 1 was very awkward but after episode 2 I was back in Ouran wonderland again.

They are perfect for their roles well except for Yusuke Tamaki. Acting wise he’s great but he’s just too popular and so much associated with his past roles. Shunsuke Kyoya reminds me of a young Shun Oguri. I was disappointed that Haruna doesn’t look like Haruhi at all but she grew on me. Kudos to the twins for not cringing when they stare-fest at each other!!!

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Report Story Pink warning: You pulled out a pink cloth and looked back up at Tamaki. He smiled and took your arm, tugging you along to a random closet. So stay in here while I go get the person you picked,” he lightly pushed you into a closet that was way bigger than most with a few board games; other than that, it was empty. You took refuge at the back of the closet and leaned against it and crossed your arms.

A few seconds later another person was tossed into the room and once they straightened out, you smirked.

Lets find out shall we? Check out my other quizzes and subscribe if you want not that I care or anything b-b-baka.

Lady Oscar consistently performs male gender, despite the fact that her biological sex is no secret. She leads the guards, routinely beats the men of the palace in armed combat and takes female companions to court balls much to the chagrin of the many women who admire her, including Marie Antoinette, whose care she is charged with. In traditional Kabuki, which has been male dominated since the s, male actors known as onnagata are responsible for playing female roles.

Likewise, in the all-female Takarazuka Revue, founded in , particular women, known as otokoyaku, are designated to play only male roles. Three theories emerge as the most widely accepted. The first, a largely feminist reading, indicates that young women beginning to struggle with the circumscribed gender roles laid out for them by the highly patriarchal structure of Japanese society displace their fantasies of power and liberation onto feminized male characters who display female personality traits yet enjoy the freedoms of the traditional male.

The second pivots on a more practical concern: The third theory is related to coming-of-age. In the thirty years since the publication of early works like The Heart of Thomas Song of the Wind and the Trees and The Rose of Versailles little has changed — innovations in manga and anime continue to be a site of identity formations that challenge Japan’s patriarchal heteronormativity.

Otaku Culture Camps it Up For more than a decade, one of the most pervasive symbols of not only the subculture of manga and anime fandom but also the growing rift between older, traditional Japan and the more freethinking, younger generation has been the otaku. More than a symbol of avid consumerism, the otaku represents a significant though sometimes temporary and age related shift in cultural norms.

Walking Disaster

After Haruhi literally stumbles in on the Ouran Host Club and breaks an expensive vase, she discovers there’s only one way she’ll ever be able to pay for the damage – working as a Host! Haruhi’s fickle client seems to have a new favorite Host every week. With a formal party right around the corner, Tamaki masterminds a scheme to help her settle down with the right guy once and for all.

This quiz will cover the first ten episodes of the anime “Ouran High School Host Club”. There will be one question from each episode all based on the dubbed English version released in the United States.

ShineBrite97 This is just a take on what I think season two could have been like before getting my hands on the actual manga I tried to keep it as close to canon as possible, with some major nudges to my OTP, I hope you like it. A Big Day for All Tamaki woke to a golden sunrise, streaks of scarlet lined the fluffy clouds and from his window, he could see the thin ice coated branches reflecting the warm light that would usher in an unseasonably warm day.

He knew what today was, thinking about the move and the excitement of dining with his father and grandmother, as one more member of the family. He thought about Haruhi, and how she was the first person he told. Her smile and her hand on his arm, the sudden kiss that still stung his lips whenever he thought of it. He figured she forgot all about it by now, at home doing homework, pursing those soft lips of hers as she concentrated.

Drinking tea and waiting for her dad to return from work during the weekend. I should go and visit her, he thought to himself, slipping the plush blue robe over his shoulders. By the slight sounds coming from the ground floor, he knew the housekeeping staff was hard at work, packing up all the things that made the solitary second mansion into his home. He felt the bittersweet twinge of regret taint the good mood he woke up with. Antoinette was always there for him, whenever he felt sad or lost, whenever he missed France, or even when he wanted to be alone, her soft personality cheered him up faster than anything else.

It would be hard without her, but he knew that the maids who volunteered to house her for the time would care for her just as well as he did. The knock at his door was pronounced and friendly.

Tamaki and Kyoya take a Commoner Quiz